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Sports Registration form

The purpose of FCHAA is to develop and oversee the athletic program for homeschoolers in Faulkner County, to facilitate the development of schedules and tournaments, to develop participation rules and to provide a means of communication with other homeschool and private school athletic associations.  This association is made up of homeschool parents and children who wish to participate in organized sports teams.  Participation in this association means you are committing to help in various ways to further our athletic program.  Some of those ways include volunteering at the admissions table and concession booth, keeping the official scorebook at home and/or away games, volunteering to help coaches call or email their designated team members about important information, offering rides to players needing transportation to games, etc.




Without your volunteerism, the association cannot function properly

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See Our Website:  www.fchaa.org








What is FCHAA?

FCHAA is the Faulkner County Homeschool Athletics Association.  FCHAA offers competitive sports teams for homeschoolers in Faulkner County.  These teams compete against other homeschool teams and non-AAA private schools.  Due to the nature of competition, some players get more playing time than others.  However, all coaches will do their best to give as much playing time as possible to each player.



What are some of the rules?

1)      Profanity, lewd or disrespectful remarks and coarse jesting will not be tolerated.

 2)     Respect will be expected to be shown toward the coaches and their spouses, other players and their families, referees and officials as well opposing teams and their coaches.

 3)      Matters of conscience with players and their families will be respected.

 4)     The dress of the players will be uniforms with full-length shirts having sleeves extending over the shoulders, shorts reaching from the waist to the knees and socks worn with athletic shoes.  There will be uniformity within each team.



What sports are offered?

Girls Volleyball: Jr. Varsity and Varsity 

Boys & Girls Basketball: Elementary, Jr. Varsity and Varsity

Boys & Girls Track: Elementary, Jr. Varsity and Varsity

Boys & Girls Golf:  (if experienced players have an interest)




What are the age limits?

Elementary (12&Under and occasionally 10&Under)

Players should be at least 10 yrs old by September 1st of this year

NO player can turn 13 yrs old before September 1st of this year.


Junior Varsity (16&Under and occasionally 14&Under)

NO player can turn 17 yrs old before September 1st of this year


Varsity (18&Under) 

No player can turn 19 yrs old before September1st of this year




What is the cost to participate?

There is a $50 registration fee for Volleyball and Basketball to cover facility rental, referee charges, tournament entry fees and miscellaneous fees incurred.  Track & Golf participants are not charged a registration fee buy are individually responsible for participation entry fees charged at each event the player participates in. Uniforms and travel costs vary based on the sport and the age group. (FYI…FCHAA coaches are volunteers and do not receive monthly compensation for their efforts)


There is also a $10 insurance fee for all sports to cover the player’s enrollment in supplemental athletic insurance.  A player’s enrollment in the supplemental insurance is required in order to play.




Why Supplemental Athletic Insurance?

All players are required to be enrolled in the supplemental insurance chosen by FCHAA.  This supplemental insurance will provide coverage for injuries that occur while the player is participating in an FCHAA sporting event or during a practice scheduled by the player’s coach.  This insurance will act as a supplemental policy to the player’s primary insurance and will offer 100% coverage up to $25,000.  If the player is not covered by insurance, this police will become their primary coverage while participating in the above described activities with 100% coverage up to $25,000.




For detailed information & Schedules






FCHAA Player Registration FEES






                  Player’s first Name                                                        Player’s last name




Insurance for all sports ($10) --------------   $__10__



Volleyball ($50) --------------------------------   $______



Basketball ($50) -------------------------------   $______



Track (No Fee) ---------------------------------   $______



Golf (No Fee) -----------------------------------   $______



Total Fees due for this player: --------- $______




players should register by their 3rd Practice.



until registered,

players cannot participate in games/meets



Please send registration forms & all fees to:



P.O. Box  1481

Conway, AR  72033


please make your check payable to FCHAA


If all forms & fees are submitted at the same time,

the fees for multiple players in a family may be paid for with one check




FCHAA Player Registration

(each player must fill out a separate form)



         player’s first & last name                                                                      player’s birthdate



           player’s home number                                                                             player’s cell number



           mother’s first & last name                                                                    mother’s cell



           father’s first & last name                                                                    father’s cell



                                                   primary email address used by the family



                                                  player’s home address (street, city & zip)




check the box beside each sport this player wants to play

(Track & Golf available when there is an interest)


Girls Volleyball                  Jr. Varsity                            Varsity


Boys Basketball                  Elementary                           Jr. Varsity                 Varsity


Girls Basketball                  Elementary                           Jr. Varsity                            Varsity


Track                                     Elementary                           Jr. Varsity                            Varsity


Golf                                       experienced & have an interest in playing     



Athletic Release & Insurance Enrollment Authorization


As the parent / guardian, I agree to the following:

 1)   To abide by the guidelines set forth by the FCHAA Board of Directors.

 2)   I understand there are inherit risks involved in the sports which my child will participate.  I will not hold FCHAA, its coaches, Board of Directors, volunteers or the owners for the gymnasiums, fields or courses liable for any injury my child may sustain as a result of his/her participation in that sport.

 3)   By checking this box, my signature below will serve as authorization for my child to be enrolled into the supplemental athletic insurance chosen by FCHAA.



                Parent / Guardian Signature                                                    Date